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Who is Victoria?

Hi there! My name is Victoria Havlik. I have always had an eye for fashion, but it really came into play in November of 2017. I was laid off from my first corporate job after being there for less than 2 months, I was scared and afraid because it was hard finding a job out of college in the first place, and now I had to look for a new job with minimal job experience.

Between the time of my being laid off and starting my new job, I started styling one of my friends for fun. We did EVERYTHING, I mean the whole damn thing from work clothes, lounge clothes, special event attire, workout clothes, pajamas, socks, bathing suits, purse, shoes, undergarments, accessories. I completely re-did her entire wardrobe.

She went from hating going places because she felt like she had nothing to wear to loving going out because she constantly gets compliments on her outfits.

After that experience, I knew I had something to offer the world that would help change women’s lives. I have been styling ever since and the results my clients get is what fuels me. 

I was afraid to pursue this career path because I didn’t think I could make a living off it. Also, I had no idea how to start a business. I made a promise to myself when I got a new job in February of 2018- that I would pursue my dream of being a stylist.

In March of 2019- I started getting unsettled with working a desk job and wanted to explore the route of being a stylist because I missed being creative. I started putting together ideas- but was scared to put myself out there.

Finally, in December of 2019- I launched Refined. I have been styling since then- but wanted to reach more people and make having a stylist achievable for women at any age.