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Hey babe!

I'm Victoria

Refined By V was founded through my love for fashion and helping people step into the highest version of themselves. 

We do personal styling a little different here. Spirituality is a big component in my work to help you tap into your inner truth and refine yourself from any B.S. beliefs society has imposed on you. This work is more than just your clothing. It impacts all aspects of your life. 

Ready to be refined?

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Refined by V - Ambition


Your outlook impacts your outcomes. Our minds are one of our most powerful tools. It can be used for or against us. Knowing and being aware of the conscious and subconscious thoughts you have will help you create the life you desire.

Refined by V - Authenticity


Everything is energy. When we focus and hone in on refining our energy, we set up ourselves for what we want in life. You will learn to channel and protect your energy so that you have room for it to be able to flow in the places that will fulfill your vision.

Refined by V - Intuition


What we wear, how we speak, and how we act are ways to express ourselves. It is important to be the most authentic version of yourself, because that is the best gift you can give to the world. 

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