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Refined by V - The Person Behind Refined

The Person Behind Refined

I am the youngest of 3 girls, and ever since I was young, I’ve been looking up to my sisters. I wanted to be like them and wanted to wear the same clothes they were wearing. 

At a young age, I’ve always been dreaming about outfits. I used to beg my mom to take me to clothing stores where my sisters would go to buy their clothes. I would play in my mom’s closet, dressing up in her heels and clothes. I’ve always been fond of mixing and matching different garments and accessories to achieve the style that I want. What’s more, is that I’m not just fond of styling myself, but others also!

Fashion and styling have always been my passion, but that wasn’t really the direction I was initially headed. I graduated with a degree in Psychology and planned to go to graduate school to become a psychologist who specializes in working with prisoners. I love a good crime show and find it very fascinating.

I ended up not getting into grad school and instead realized that I needed to get a job. I was bummed but figured it’s probably because it’s not meant to be. The first job I worked at ended up being short. Within one week of getting out of training- they had a massive layoff in the company, and I lost my job. I freaked out because I was 22 with hardly any experience and had no idea what career I wanted to be in. 

Refined by V - Fashion and styling
This was me back in high school, loving fashion way before I realized it would become my career.


During the time I was looking for a new job, my friend asked me to style her. We shopped together, I redid her whole wardrobe (the whole damn thing from pajamas, to workout attire, undergarments, to going-out looks) and helped her choose the right clothes for herself. She was amazed, people were amazed, and I was hit with a sudden realization: this is what I should be doing! I styled a few more friends and it finally became clear to me that this must be my life’s purpose.

I wanted to have a desk job for a steady income, so I kept pursuing day jobs. I finally got one back in February 2018, and it was the perfect fit- it was a beauty & cosmetic account. I was excited and knew that becoming a stylist was on the back burner. I trusted that when the time was right, the universe would tell me ‘go.’

I worked at my job for one year and kept hearing the universe tell me, “wait & I will tell you when to ‘go.’” It was March 2019, and I started feeling like I didn't want to work at a desk for the rest of my life. I started to get unsettled and realized the universe was telling me to start preparing.

Refined by V - The Founding of Refined

The Founding of Refined

While I was at the airport flying to NYC for work on a Sunday, I was sad that I had to end my weekend early with my family. I knew then that it was time to brainstorm ideas for my styling business. I figured that if I’m going to start one, coming up with a name should be the first step. As I was waiting to board the plane, I googled words that are related to ‘fashion’ on my phone. I scrolled through my phone and found a few words I liked. I texted my sisters the list, and we all came to an agreement to use ‘refinement.’

 I wanted it to be short and straight to the point- so I decided on REFINED. The reason why the word stood out to me is because it means improving something, and that is exactly what I wanted to do with my clients. I just want to help them enhance themselves, not try to change them into something they aren’t.

By December 2019, I finally decided to make my dreams come true. With all the support I had, I went through all the necessary preparations. It was hard, but I was never alone. My family and friends were always there to encourage and to help me up. I was nervous because I was afraid of what people would think, but I decided that if I won’t do it- I wouldn’t be living my truth. So I asked the universe for a sign on when to tell the world officially. I got a quote in my inbox (i love a good quote & love to read them), and it said, “Refine our love towards all.” I knew that was a clear sign because I never saw the word ‘refine’ in a quote before that came right to my inbox. 

I launched my business & felt liberated because I was finally living my truth. I have kept my day job since then and pursued this dream in my free time. It has been the best leap I have ever made in my life. Between then and now- I have been styling clients & working with some fantastic people that have helped me reach out to more women. 

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