Dressing For You

Learn how to confidently dress the way that feels aligned to you with my free 3 day pre-recorded workshop and get workbooks for each day to amplify the process!

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This workshop is for you if YOU:

  • Feel frustrated getting dressed
  • Wear the same outfits out of habit
  • Feel like your wardrobe is not the standard you would like it to be 
  • Stop yourself from wearing items in fear of what other people might think
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What You Will Leave Knowing From The Workshop:

  • Putting together dynamic outfits that feel 100% to you
  • Create a wardrobe that serves you and your lifestyle
  • Have outfits that you feel amazing for any occasion
  • How to transform your wardrobe around who you want to be
  • Learn how to tune into yourself to be confident in wearing what you want to wear
  • Dressing for yourself and not for others approval 
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What People Are Saying From The Workshop: 

Thank you so much 4 the 3 day workshop and helpful information! I got alot of things out of it.

-Barb L.

It’s fun! You are really speaking to me.

-MK B.